Belt Graduations

Pass with Distinction
75% of assessment performed as excellent
and no conditional passes.

Pass with Merit
All areas passed, 50% marked as excellent
and no conditional passes.

All areas assessed of pass standard, with no more
than 3 conditional passes. Conditional pass areas must
be perfected prior to the next grading.

Borderline Pass
4 to 7 areas where only a conditional pass is given.
This means the student has a lot of work to do before
progressing to the next belt. This extra time allows a
student to iron out mistakes.

If a student can not perform essential elements of a grading
such as patterns, or repeats errors on a previously graded
“conditional pass” area or gets more than 7 conditional passes,
then the student is not ready to progress just yet. The tolerance
on pass/fail gets smaller the higher the belt grade.
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"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."
Albert Einstein.